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[reposted post]Семинары Брэда Сандберга в Петербурге будут длиться ШЕСТЬ часов
escaped wrote in sundbergstudio
(перепостил zerdaperm)
Друзья, следим за ФБ Брэда. Меня порадовало, что семинары в Европе будут не 4-хчасовыми, как в Париже, где половину времени сцапал перевод, а 6-часовыми! целый день с Майклом!!!

Greetings ITSWMJ Friends and Studio Rats! First, please forgive me for the unintentional "quiet before the storm" these past few days. Yes, we are all "busy", but I still like to stay connected with you as time allows. These past few days have been very busy with travel, work, and many behind-the-scenes preparations for the next four months of seminars. It is not my intention to keep you in the dark, I just like to have the details in place before tickets go on sale. That said, here is the plan as of now:

April 19, 2014 - Full 6-hour ITSWMJ seminar in Amsterdam. (A great lead-in to http://jacksonevent.com/

April 22, 2014 - Full 6-hour ITSWMJ seminar in Brussels.

April 26 - 27, 2014 - Full 6-hour ITSWMJ seminars in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

June 23-25 - Special edition ITSWMJ seminars in Los Angeles.

I deeply appreciate everyone's questions, notes, suggestions for additional cities, etc., but my team and I are focused on making these next events as good as possible.

I expect to have tickets available within the next two days. Thank you again for your continued patience - keep checking back as you will not want to miss one of these events.

Now, a quick trivia question. During the Bad album, we had a favorite snack that become a bit of an obsession for a while:

A) Pop Corn
B) Guacamole
C) Cotton Candy
D) Snow Cones

Go ahead... take a guess, and hopefully I'll see you in the near future!